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May 08, 2008



You. Did. Not.


Would you really roll your plants around every day? You really shouldn't need any such device. A simple raised bed should do. Plants don't necessarily need direct light all day anyway. Some will do better without it (greens come to mind). You can get a 1 x 10 fir board, connect the ends, fill with soil and compost, then plant away. Check gardeners supply http://www.gardeners.com/ they have lots of great products and ideas.

Tomatoes, beens, peas, greens, squash, basil: all very easy to grow. For most herbs you don't even need a raised bed. Our chives, oregano, mint, thyme, and tarragon are all coming back strong in our flower gardens. Plant rosemary and bay in pots that you can take in for the winter and you will soon have a tree and bush respectively. No need to buy any of those herbs again (well except for winter supplies)


I just knew how that conversation w/ mom was going to end. If it had been my mother, she would not have tried to reason; she would have just kept asking if I wanted the fish. And then there would have been the guilt about how she made it just for me, yada, yada, yada! Bless her heart.

Also, I grow herbs right outside my front door (it's the closest to my kitchen). My chives, tarragon, sage, thyme, and oregano have already come back up again this year. I hate gardening, but growing herbs is so easy! I just have to plant basil, parsley, and rosemary and I'm good to go. There's nothing better than just stepping out your door to get fresh herbs while you're cooking.


I'm thinking bathtub on a gurney, although no cheaper, I'm sure.

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