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May 16, 2008



They do sell them to include in your current car. I'd give you a recommendation, but I am not familiar with car GPS systems.


Go to Best Buy and get one of those Tom Tom or similar devices! I got one for my husband who couldn't find his way out of a paper bag, and he loves it! It's a GPS & it talks to you and has a nice little road map on the screen too. You just put in your destination and off you go!


You could just wait a month or so and get the new 3G iPhone with built in GPS. Otherwise, I would get a Tom Tom.


Garmin makes a nice dash-mounted model with a decent-sized screen (with voice) that is relatively inexpensive (around $240). I got my dad one for Christmas and he absolutely loves it. I think the decent-sized view screen would be important, for me anyway!


I get lost inside buildings. Even buildings I've been in many times. Don't think GPS would help in that case. (Better signage might, however.)


OK, I'll come clean: When I'm sitting in my own house, I don't know what room is above or below me. If I don't look out the window, I don't know which way the school is, or the highway. When I'm in my own yard, I have to think long and hard about which window belongs to which room. There. Now you know the ugly truth.


I just got an iPhone last month, so I'm certainly not in line for a new model yet! Looking forward to the 2.0 software upgrade in June though -- can't stand deleting POP email messages individually.


OMG, Karen!! Get thee a Garmin... I bought one last spring, then promptly bought one each for Mom and Dad for MD and FD. Then I bought one for Michael for his BD since he kept borrowing mine (all the while insisting he didn't "need" one)

You can buy one that talks to you for $200 and it is about the size of a pack of playing cards. And I think it is waaaay better not to have it built in, then you can take it with you on trips or in other people's cars :)

Go. Now. To Amozon or Best Buy...wherever. Don't get lost again.
I'd give up my plam befor I'd give this thing up.Seriously.

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