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May 31, 2008


Debra Hamel

Please keep us posted on the response. I had a weird problem with TypePad recently too--sidebars inexplicably not showing up on one blog (fixed now).


Actually, you might have some spam filtering that you're unaware of. It could be your email provider's spam filter, not one in your email program.


Are you on the new "compose" system on TypePad? From what I've read, it hasn't been rolled out to everyone and I'm not on it. Wondered if it was a Mac thing. I'm usually on Firefox when I compose.


Typepad's new "compose" feature that they rolled out last week (which I have, but don't use because I use Windows Live Writer — it's much better) caused me all kinds of grief, including commenting being inaccessible. After several help tickets (and likely others reporting issues) it seems to be working better now. But I think that rollout hosed some things behind the scenes.


I used Typepad for a while, and had a few weird experiences with the stats and comments page, too. I use Wordpress for my photoblog, and it's been wonky as well, marking comments as spam that clearly aren't.

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