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May 08, 2008



I spend money on things for my home-furniture, bedding, dishes, artwork, you name it. I think it might have something to do with being an interior designer... I see too many great new things...

I spend on my children's clothing-probably more than on mine, but when I see something I really like and it fits me, I don't even consider the price (is that terrible?)

The thing we probably spend the most on is traveling. And with the price of gas and fuel oil for jets, that is going up a whole lot lately. My dad died in his early 60s and I decided I wouldn't make the mistake he did and wait until retirement to travel. My children have seen some wonderful things all around the world and I would eat pb&j for a month if I had to, just to be able to travel!


I don't spend money on eating out, because the cost-to-fun-times ratio isn't high enough. Ditto I don't go to movies.

When we get a gift card, though, I eat out and love it. It's totally worth spending someone else's money to not have to cook or clean, AND to have savory leftovers.


Well, as of yesterday, I am spending money on Secret, not the Suave knock-off. As I stood there in my cami waiting to don my Life is Good t-shirt (I was dressing up!), I opened up the Suave knock-off and spent 5 minutes trying to open it and get it to work before finally throwing it in the trash in disgust.

I'm not a shoe person...but I did once spend $750 on a pair of Prada shoes. But they are the BEST SHOES I'VE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE AND I STILL FEEL LIKE A PRINCESS WHEN I WEAR THEM!!!


Lets see DO spend on:

Food- lot's of Whole Food, Wild Harvest, etc.,deals are great but I'm not willing to settle quality wise. Eat out at least 1x per week, expensive cheese, wine, booze.

Entertainment - books- need some authors the second they come out in hardcover. Music and music performances. Theater when something interests me (off to see Patrick Stewart in MacBeth on Broadway in 2 weeks, wee).

Home and garden - again not willing to settle quality wise although I will do it myself if possible not willing to paty someone to do something I can easily do myself (painting, yardwork).

Do not spend on:

technology- don't own a cell phone, don't have cable, don't have an mp3 player. Don't want the either. Just this year got high speed internet access at home, had the same pc sitting in the basement for 10 year unused unitil this past christmas when we bought a rebuilt laptop.

Would like to spend more on :

Travel - Love to do more big vacations but haven't in past few years in favor of more smaller ones.


I spend more than not spend.

1. We eat out a LOT. The bar tab is usually more than the food. We're also extravagant tippers - especially at our local places.

2. I like to entertain. I'm making dinner for 6 tonight. $278 at Whole Foods just for the meal (and flowers and a couple bottles of wine).

3. Maids, yard guy, personal trainer, financial advisor (a necessary expense, obviously), handyman and hypnotist (really).

4. Banana Republic gets a good percentage of my income.

What won't I spend on? Believe it or not - shoes. I wear the same pair every day. And Banana doesn't carry men's shoes in most stores any more.

the nag

My big expense is travel and I'd do without food rather than my European vacations. Even when my kids were young we took trips (skiing out west, Disneyworld, etc.) If I don't get away twice a year I get cranky.

I used to have my hair coloured but discovered a product that reduces brassiness and now do it myself. I get a good cut though. Other than that my beauty regimen consists of a slather of Bag Balm.

I buy lots of books from the Book Depot at unbelievably rock bottom prices and lots of shoes but only if they're comfortable and ridiculously cheap (Winners is my major source).

Never had anyone clean my house, just griped a whole lot about doing it (and I do mean serious griping).

I used to spend quite a bit on household items but at this stage of my life have most of what I need and now, when something wears out, I buy good stuff that will last a long time.


Fritinancy here, and I'm really enjoying this!

A couple of additions to my lists:

1. I don't buy wine or alcohol unless I'm giving a party. Don't drink 'em, either. (The occasional beer or French hard cider is it for me. Yeah. Lightweight. Also, I went out for a few years with a food and wine snob, and the experience completely extinguished my interest in, and taste for, any kind of wine whatsoever.)

2. I'm a writer and name developer, but I rarely buy books except for reference volumes. For everything else, I'm very happy with the public library.

3. I probably spend more than the national average on fitness: gym membership, semi-private Pilates sessions, Dolphin Club dues (bay swimming). I used to spend thousands each year on dance (ballroom, swing, and Argentine tango), but then I blew out my foot.

4. For me, travel never delivers on the cost-benefit ratio. I get horrible jet lag if I cross more than two time zones, and I can't sleep on planes or in hotels. I'm just a miserable wreck. I do dream about going to New York and seeing a bunch of plays, but it's hard.

5. Theater is worth every penny. I had a wonderful aunt who started taking me to live theater when I was about 9, and it made a huge impression. When I was married and a part-time stepmother, I made sure my stepson got to see lots and lots of live entertainment, including plays and musicals.


Oh, and Steve? Bad idea about the one pair of shoes. Bad for the shoes, bad for your feet. At least buy a duplicate pair and give each pair a day's rest.


I used to only buy the cheapest hair and skin products, but my skin is sort of sensitive and I have dandruff, so I switched to Neutrogena for almost everything (still not that pricey) and am very happy. I also lovelovelove the fancy glycerine soap I get at the farmers market. I love a pedicure, though I haven't had one in years. I've never had a massage or facial. My mom bought me a manicure once and I hated it. I spend a lot on individual pairs of shoes, but I try not to buy new ones until the old ones are disintegrating. I do have more pairs of black shoes than my husband has shoes, but he only has like three pairs. I probably have three pairs that I am rotating between during any given fortnight, of course. We travel a fair amount, and that always eats up a lot. We spend a lot on food and drink out, but I try to be reasonably frugal on home food. We get fancy cheese and wine from Whole Foods once every two or three months; otherwise it's bulk ingredients from Costco and Ralphs. I figure most of our eating out is with friends, and good food and drink is a better way to give your friends a treat than giving them "stuff" is.

I am a big knitter now, but I try very hard not to spend a lot on yarn. I read a lot of knitting blogs, and many seem not to bat an eye at buying a sweater's worth (a dozen skeins) of $40-a-skein yarn. I can't do that. I shop sales. We don't spend much on DVDs--Netflix serves us very well. In relation to one of your earlier entries, we do rewatch lots of our DVDs, notably Ghostbusters and the 1995 BBC Pride and Prejudice miniseries. I don't spend too much on clothing--all of my fanciest clothes have come from thrift stores or clothing swaps with friends.

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