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May 09, 2008



Congratulations! Lord know I need someone to clean up my rampant abuses of grammar and punctuation. They're lucky to have you!

Ken George

If there is a Typo Hunt Across America, then I must be on its most wanted list! My slippery fingers have earned me a reputation around these parts.

We are extraordinarily fortunate to find someone who thrills to the chase of the errant hyphen and typo. Thanks for combing through all the wreckage.

Now its time to break into the closet to see what other priceless swag is stored there!


Think I was kidding about needing an editor? See my typo above. Argh!


Fantastic! By sheer coincidence, and before I knew about this latest development, I passed along your name and blog address to another luminary of the blogosphere whose posts need your gimlet eye. Stay tuned!


That is so cool! I can't wait to check it out.


That is extremely awesome! Kudos to you.


Congratulations - it sounds just perfect for you! Excellent use of Twitter, by the way :-).


"I went in and cleaned up errant hyphens and typos in every post that's gone up so far."

Oh my god, that sounds so deliciously satisfying. I'm jealous!


You rock!


Too cool.

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