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June 23, 2008



Pete looks very handsome and grown up.


Ha! Andy just said that he looks younger.


Oh no, he looks more mature! Dashing, even! Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer short hair.

the nag

I forgot that my guys had ears, too, until they turned 20 and started listening to me again :-)


He has beautiful eyes! My oldest son has promised that he will get his hair cut before football starts - mainly because his helmet doesn't fit when his hair is long - football practice starts in a month - woohoo!


You really do have beautiful children, Karen!
Why do the boys always get the good eyelashes? Pete definitely favors you and your girls look more like their father.


Maybe it's my generational thing but I dig the long hair.


Wow. He looks like a different person in the two photos.

While the short hair is nice, I'm with Jeff...the long hair is/was groovy.


Oh, I don't mind long hair (indeed, I prefer it on some people), but it was really getting in his way!

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