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June 30, 2008



Sounds wonderful! They finally opened a Whole Foods in my area (OK, it's a half hour away, but it's better than nothing). I'll have to check it out!

the nag

Thanks Karen. I love duck and will definitely try this.


How cool! You could be on the Food Network show I saw last night where they are looking for the next Food Network star. So they had to make an adaptation of a complicated recipe (like one pair who did Beef Wellington) in 45 minutes. You would so win!


Try it using fig jam instead of marmalade. Yum.


This sounds like a good recipe. However, readers would be well advised to reconsider the warm water thaw method. Years ago, after improperly thawing raw meat, I inadvertently induced a very potent case of food poisoning in myself and my husband. I then decided to educate myself about safe food handling proceedures, and have practiced them diligently ever since. A safer way to thaw anything, but especially raw meat, is in the refrigerator a day ahead of time, or in cold running water, which unfortunately takes longer than the warm water method. Better safe than sorry. Of course, there is nothing better than a really good case of food poisoning to convert the disbelievers out there. Just so you know - the next time you think you have the flu or a stomach virus - chances are very good that you actually have food poisoning. I'm not an expert, so do your own homework on the subject. Hope this helps.


I'm very careful about thawing raw meat (never at room temperature, etc.) and have never developed food poisoning! These duck breasts thaw under running water -- while still in their vacuum-sealed pouches -- in mere minutes, so I think it's quite safe.

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