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June 18, 2008



I had to download it too. :) When I open a new window, it defaults to my homepage - which, if you haven't changed it, is probably the Mozilla page. My homepage is my iGoogle page. I'm so used to that that I automatically hit F6 immediately to highlight address bar and type in a new url. (Me getting to a new website: "Ctrl-N", "F6", "URL".) I have no clue what Macs have if they don't have the F# keys.


What I like about opening up to a new blank page is that the cursor is already in the URL bar, waiting for me to type, so I don't have to do Command-L to get there. (Yes, Macs have F-keys, but that's my muscle-memory key command for URL bar.) In FF2, I could set it to restart with all my old tabs open AND open new windows to a blank page. I want it all.


You know, I know everyone's saying FF3 is super fast, and I'm sure it is, but I'm honestly not noticing a difference in my day-to-day browsing.


Mmmmkay, I have new version. Lightening fast.
Downloaded add-on Colorful tabs and have lovely tabs in various colours.
When I CTRLT for a new tab it opens a nice blank page and my cursor is at the URL ready to go. I no understand your issues you crazy MAC people!


I can get a blank window to open, but only if I select "open to a blank window on startup" in Preferences. I want to select "open to previously opened tabs & windows on startup" AND have blank windows whenever I need 'em.

Someone will come up with a prettier theme for Macs soon; they were trying to emulate the Mac OSX look, but the gray is just too dark.


Scuse me while I rush off to download it!!! I can't stand that someone else had it first!!! Fast? I'm so excited!



Extension that restores this functionality of FF2 that was for some inexplicable reason removed from FF3 :(

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