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June 10, 2008



Exhibit D just proves that retail seasons and real seasons have nothing to do with each other. Then again, apparently the weather on the East Coast didn't get the memo that it's not supposed to be here yet, so maybe it has nothing to do with real seasons either.


I'm laughing, but I'd REALLY be crying if I'd received that catalog because it's still WINTER here! Wind storm last night, snow in the higher elevations. I don't envy the 98 deg. weather, but this is crappy, too. Happy medium, please!


This heat wave is killing me. We had the misfortune of going to an "end of the school year" picnic yesterday -- nothing quite like sitting outside in 97 degree/insane humidity/blazing sunshine with hundreds of preschool kids and their pissed-off parents.


The good news is you can now get their overpriced swimsuits at a somewhat reasonable cost, and just in time for when you actually need them.


98 degrees? Seriously? It's still early Spring there!!! We've been over 100 for 5 days. I'm here to tell you, a sultry Southern summer and a menopausal mama do not make for a happy couple!


Once again, retailers experiment in time travel.

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