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June 19, 2008



Hey, I had two graduate--one from high school and one from college. May I join you in the "verklempt-ness." (f or v--I typed it with a v and it looks right that way...)I HATE silly strip, and don't like getting any on me when I work graduation.


Silly STRING--I should never type without my glasses.


I also prefer verklempt with a "v"! Our town has banned silly string, at least for our parades. But it looks like the kids had fun. I got verklempt looking at my daughter's high school yearbook, thinking of all the graduating seniors. And my daughter is only a sophomore! I think we're all overwrought by this time of the year.


What a great tradition! I'll bet the kids absolutely love it!


What fun! I always have tears in situations like that too, whether I am somehow personally involved or not.

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