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June 23, 2008


Bill Brohaugh

Further to the idea of predictable response to Carlin's death in the form of videovideovideo is the oh-so-easy references to the Seven Words, Supreme Court ruling, etc. etc. Such concentration, though not unjustified, distracts us from Carlin's powerful inspection of the microscopy of our lives, the detailed moments that define us as humans, and the fact that we created this world and are not simply victims of it. Who banned the Seven Words? Not "they." We did. Carlin showed that we must understand ourselves, and rise above ourselves. And, sometimes, we must simply be happy with ourselves. Multiple messages? No, just perceptive observation of multiple humanly self-conflicted traits. And that's where his genius resided.


They should print this on our ballots. Nice.


Jerry Seinfeld wrote a nice tribute in today's Times, I thought. Anyway, I think of George Carlin every time I see the Braille keys on a drive-up ATM. His line on that was pure hilarity. His take on politics is funny, yet makes me cringe because it's so damned true. He will be missed.


The Carlin monologue I'll always treasure is baseball vs. football. No one untangled the language the way he did.


That's the very shtick I cited when someone on Twitter asked what our favorite Carlin bits were!

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