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June 06, 2008



A copyeditor's nightmare! I think the one with the spell-checker is actually kind of funny & should end up as a collector's item. (Come to think of it, so should those diplomas!)


I vote for the yearbook kids. Considering I couldn't even tell you where my HS diploma is and I've at least opened my yearbook a couple of times over the past 23 years I think that the Middletown kids got screwed worse. Come to think of it I'm not sure I would have noticed if they spelled something wrong on my diploma. I think I looked at it briefly to make sure my name was there then threw it into a drawer.

On the yearbook side, don't most spellcheckers just tell you the suspected misspellings then you have to go through and accept the correction? I suspect someone might have thought that what they were doing was funny (and it is, sort of). I find it hard to believe that it happened accidentally.


Horrifying! Someone just told me of a final resting place advertising "cematary" plots.


Spellchecker or not, I have little to no patience with misspelled names. Perhaps it's because I've been saddled with a difficult name all my life, but a person's name is important. It's too bad that the publisher and the school seemed to brush it off. Two of my three kids had their names spelled incorrectly in their yearbooks this year - not under their class picture, but in the sports/clubs/candids, but I can blame that on a less than stellar yearbook editor and not the publishing company.


My junior year of high school, we all received refunds on our yearbook orders, because the printer misspelled the name of our high school -- Amherst became Ahmerst... oy.

Tammy (BFW)

I have to vote for the diplomas, as the yearbook issue should be one they'll be laughing at for years. I almost just peed my pants reading about that! HYSTERICAL!!!!

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