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June 12, 2008



Aw, too many cheap, simplistic shots. There's no excuse for any of those: it's easy enough to get these guys on the rock-solid stuff.


I don't even see how some of that stuff has anything to do with being Republican. You don't want me to switch back to the other team now, do you?!


Well, you see, Republicans lead the charge against gay marriage and civil unions--something I saw first hand here in Wisconsin two years ago. And Republicans lead the charge to drill for oil in wildlife preserves. And Republicans lead the charge to go to war--even unnecessarily, as we have recently seen. And Republicans lead the charge to deregulate business and industry, making them more and more powerful when compared to little ol' you and me. And Republicans lead the charge in gutting the EPA and relaxing environmental standards.

The thing about Wal-Mart and AIDS were pretty cheap shots, though. Likewise the "separate but equal" thing.


Hmmm. The video is no longer available--at your link or anywhere else I searched.


Scott, of course you're right--I just didn't see how all of them necessarily followed from voting Republican.


I'd also like to point out that it was the liberal judges on the Supreme Court who gave us the most disgraceful decision in recent memory: Kelo v. New London. The conservative judges appointed by GOP presidents were the ones on the side of the angels. This hits home to me, as I know one of the people whose property was seized, and it puts a pause in me ever voting for a Democrat for president again.


I had to look up that case -- wasn't aware of it. I'm not saying they're perfect, but I greatly prefer the decisions of the liberal judges in general -- particularly about things like keeping abortion safe and legal for all. For me, one really horrible Supreme Court ruling does not come close to outweighing my decision to vote in a president who is anti-war, pro-choice, anti-gun, pro-education, etc. etc.

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