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June 24, 2008



1. Meat in any form. A little chicken's OK, though.
2. Instructions that begin: "One week in advance..."

And I'm always nervous about separating eggs, though I usually do just fine.


I usually lose interest if the recipe has over 8 ingredients. I might continue if I have all of the ingredients.

And I love cilantro! I think I would consider eating cilantro ice cream if they made it.

But don't come near me with coconut!


Recipes I will probably make:
uses fresh ingredients, especially if they are in season now

Recipes that get passed over quickly: if it looks like I'll be eating the whole thing by myself (although sometimes that could be a good thing!), also any recipe with exotic ingredients that will be used once and then tossed (a year later when the fridge gets cleaned out....).


Now now, bunny bunny is not so bad to cut up. Millions of Italians can't be wrong. One could always have the butcher do the dirty work, but I like to get involved and I rather like butchery, maybe I should have been a surgeon.


I love to eat rabbit, I just can't bring myself to do the butchering. It looks too much like a cat. :-(


When they ask you to get out more than two pots or pans!


Anything that calls for saffron.


I've been passing over recipes recently that have about a full page of directions. I can't be bothered anymore.

Yesterday was the first time that I ever heard of anyone hating hard-boiled eggs, and now I see that you do too! I can't understand that.

I thought you liked cilantro. I also despise cilantro. I saw an interview with Julia Child once (who would eat just about anything) and when asked if there were any foods she disliked, she thought for a few moments and could only come up with cilantro! We're in good company!


I saw that article as well and my answer is here http://susan-justsaying.blogspot.com/2008/06/deal-or-no-deal.html

but I'll go along with just about everything other people have mentioned. Except for the cilatro. Love cilatro!


I hate it when recipes have other recipes imbedded in them. The Greens Cookbook, for example, has all these recipes where the list of ingredients includes things like "Rustic Tomato Sauce, page 157" and "Green Olive Tapenade, page 13," so that you really have to make THREE recipes, not just one. It's a great book, and everything I have made is delicious, but hell, I work and it's just too much.


I am undaunted by most ingredients (once drove to worcester in a snowstorm to buy pomengranite molasses for a salad dressing) and, while i have a wide range of tools, I draw the line at deboning or cutting stuff up. Just all too "ick" for me. I will cook if it it's already cut up, but I won't do it on my own, even with my nifty Cutco scissors.

p.s. The exception to this is lobster. I can cut it up and gut every morsel of meat out of it without hesitation!


I have never loved you more than I do right now. 'Dreaded cilatro' indeed. It's satan's favorite herb, I know it.


Then you're ready for this, my dear: http://www.ihatecilantro.com/

If I'm out of cilantro, I just grate a bar of soap over my food to achieve the same flavor effect.


OMG! There've been times when I thought I was the only person in the whole world who hates hard-boiled eggs! bleh!!!!

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