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July 22, 2008



I have seriously considered buying the DS just so I can get the Brain Age game which appears to be exclusive to Nintendo. If I could find it, I'd buy the game for my laptop but so far no luck. I am not a gamer so the price seems high for me to use 1 game and so far I have not given in. Maybe you could buy the game and review it for me. :-)

Riley McArdle

Trading away Pokémon via Wi-Fi does not permanently remove them from the cartridge. If you start a new game, everything is back exactly the same as a brand new cartridge. This is the same for all games as there is no way to permanently change the cartridge.

As far as letting your son use the Wi-Fi, I wouldn't worry. The interactions through the Wi-Fi connection are all extremely limited. There's no Internet chat or voice features at all in any of the games. Nintendo won't allow it.

There is a program called PictoChat that is built into the Nintendo DS (you can play it without any cartridge inserted into the system). PictoChat only lets you chat with people within range of the DS though (about 65 feet). It doesn't allow any chat over the Internet.


I agree with the comment about regarding the wi-fi; it's ccol, harmless and fun. No worries there. And the PictoChat is adorable too.

AND, I was going to say the same thing, but I read the above comment more carefully - GameStop resets all the used games so when you buy a used game, it's like a brand new game.

My boys adore game stop. I have the card and it's great - one super thing is that if you buy a used game and the kids don't like it, you have one week to return it. You can't do that with new games.

The one thing I hate about the store, though, is that when the boys get all their games or old systems together to sell back, I remind them hundreds of times that you get back a TINY fraction of what you paid for it. If you buy a $50 Wii game and sell it back, maybe you'll get back $15? $20? I don't think it's $20. It kills me.

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