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July 03, 2008



Those are probably the planes that perform before the fireworks... they were at Danvers last night and they were definitely doing scary and twirly dives. Very daring!


I know nothing about the planes, but camera or no, list or no, I would love to be y'all's kid. What a fun, full summer they are having.

When I was a kid, my single mother worked and we were left to our own, often not-exactly-productive devices during the summer.

I think that's part of what I love about your blog. I think I live slightly vicariously in a fantasy childhood; and slightly vicariously as a fantasy parent.

Wind and wind temperature can have significant effect on tidal systems and water temperature. Surface weather has impact on near coastal waters. Fact.

Storm systems are often the result of disparate temperature in air, so a calmer day may result in significantly warmer or cooler air over all.

Thus, tidal changes and changes to near-coastal water temperature.

I just hope y'all had towels.

I have to leave pretty much everything (keys, wallet, blackberry...) at the door. Literally. I have a table ("the landing strip"). If I don't almost trip over it before I leave, I leave without it.

Boston still may happen. We're trying to get a P-Town trip planned. Friends just bought yet another house on the cape, and I intend to exercise my rights as "friend of the wealthy."


Ah Steve, yours words bring a smile to my face. Sometimes I get bored and frustrated by my main job (parenting), then I I am reminded that even the littlest things I do will have a lasting imprint on my kids' memories. Riding home from the beach, exhausted and happy, with ice cream dripping down our arms -- that's the real stuff! Thanks for the reminder/pep-talk!

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