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July 13, 2008



We say suntan lotion or even "sun oil". At least you get to go to the beach!


As a seagoing acquaintance of mine often says: "... and that's why I hate The Beach."

But he means a different kind of beach.

But actually, I am not a beach person. We live within view of the water and within walking distance of a beach where I've gone swimming perhaps once, in high school. I love the shore, but am not so fond of the beach. And you've hit the nail on the head with your list.

If you decide to use a different word, "sunscreen" always seems more appropriate to me because it simply prevents a portion of the solar radiation from being absorbed by your skin. Even the highest stuff doesn't block all the radiation, so "sunblock" feels misleading, especially when you can get a good sunburn if you try hard enough.

The really greasy variety which is less than 10 SPF? That stuff is called "cooking oil." :)


Wow! We were just on Cape and encountered none of these creatures... Maybe it was because we got to the beach at 10am and vacated by Noon. "Head of the Meadow" Beach in Truro? New favorite!

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