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July 17, 2008



"I could care less."

Not only is it overused, it's almost always mis-used. If you could care less, does that mean you could care less - or more; that you're kind of midland on the whole thing?

And actually this may fall in the category of just annoying, actually, but it is, actually, really f*cking annoying when people say "actually."

Actually, I can no longer use the word legitimately.


"You go girl!" Remember that one? I liked it. For about a day.


I hate you go, girl. (heard it too much at gymnastics meets) I've never heard x is the new y. My mom uses the words "bottom line" way too much. Our pirncipal says "and the reality is" at least 10 times every staff meeting. I think any word or phrase that is overused becomes annoying.


Phrases that have outlived their welcome?

How about "Vote Republican?"


Good to go.


SIL often says 'never mind, all good fun'. Makes me cringe every time.


"Come to find out" really sets my teeth on edge for some reason. Also, I get irritated by people who say "frankly" all the time (unless they're Rhett Butler). The phrase "24/7" seems to be overused too. Plus, people are just making up words now. I saw someone on a chat board today use the word "disclude" as in "It's not fair to disclude certain people..." And how about "don't go there", although I personally like that one when used judiciously.


"In terms of..."
"Value added"
"Core competencies"
"..anything more for the good of the group?"

Gag me. <-- (that one I like).


I despise the terms "family values" and "sanctity of marriage."


Context matters; for example, I have no problem hearing, say, "Spleen. It's the new pancreas." In fact I wish people would say it more often.

But that's just me.



It's all gouda



How about "It is what it is?" I keep saying it and then cringeing. Help. How do you spell cringeing? I know I'll get edited.


I have some other pet peeves that I guess qualify for this post based on the other comments! How about when people use "task" as a verb? Or make up words without trying to find the real word? Yesterday I had an email praising me for my cautiousness when caution is a perfectly good word.


I was having a marathon NPR-listening day when I was driving from Florida to North Carolina, kidless! I think I heard "at the end of the day" five times! It made me crazy!!!! And people say it with such gravity!!!


There are many that I run into at work. My most hated being:

"That being said..."

and anything "verbified" -

incentivize, operationalize, productionize.


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