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July 22, 2008



No desire to visit Mississippi ever. Nope. (I love spelling it out loud, though).


I thought WA would rate better than it did, in spite of some of the people I see around. Yikes. I think the Seattle area would rate very skinny, but the rest of the state isn't so great.


CalorieLab needs a new cartographer. One who would use better range of colors. Was 22% some sort of good/bad cut off point?


Yay Connecticut....although I'm trying really hard not to work our way up the list. :/


All the states in which I have lived have a lot of obese people.


I think it's weird that Florida is so much thinner than the rest of the south. I guess it's all those retirees from New Hampshire!


My husband is on a business trip in Mississippi. Do you think I'll recognize him when he gets back?

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