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July 09, 2008



I am going to be moving to New England next summer and I am nervous about the adjustment. I love strawberries and will certainly end up eating them off-season!


I agree on the strawberries. Don't hate them and will eat them but don't love them. But when I was in Santa Barbara wine tasting, "The Berry Man" came through the restaurant we were eating in and my daughter, who loves strawberries, got me to buy some. They were the sweetest, yummiest strawberries I've ever eaten and if that is what they tasted like from the store I would eat them everyday.

the nag

I am, like you, not particularly fond of the strawberry but will eat them from time to time. Strawberry recipes often appeal to me but the main ingredient often ends up rotting in my fridge because the theory appeals more than the practice.


This is very timely because I just bought the most delicious strawberries yesterday. And yes, they were Driscoll organic strawberries (Yay! I didn't even know!). They were a little pricey, but absolutely sublime. So do I get a gift card now too??? =)


The "California" strawberries that make it here are positively pathetic compared with buying them THERE at a Farmer's Market. Whole 'nuther animal.

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