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July 28, 2008



If you have 50 ears of fresh sweet corn, I'll make some lime butter and be right up....


They have those at all of our supermarkets, but I prefer to bring the corn home & have my kids husk them outside. I still don't get a mess that way. Also, what is "native corn"? They've been advertising that here since June and I'm pretty sure there isn't any corn mature enough for harvesting in Connecticut in June.


Native means local; the corn I bought yesterday was from Northampton, Mass. I normally have the kids shuck the corn outside, but it was pouring yesterday, so I was glad to bring the ears home already cleaned!


congrats! mmmmm corn. my 2 year old and i love shucking in the market as well. I'm new to reading your blog, i'm glad i founf it!

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