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July 02, 2008



Yes, it is an amazing and heartwarming commercial. Now I just need to WIN! When you have a chance, could you tell me about Mac laptops? My daughter's friend has one and my kid loved it--now she wants one. (they are spendy) I haven't used Macs since our school district went PC, and Alison has never been on one. Are they still really easy? Are they compatible with PCs if she has to send in assignments to profs? (very common in college)Thanks, Karen.


You know, it's really possible that the "flying birds" isn't actually real—that it's well-done CGI (I don't know for sure). But the spirit of the whole thing sure is heart-warming from a HUMAN point of view!


For some reason, chickens make me laugh. Always have. I wonder how my dogs would feel if I got a pet chicken.


That commercial is for the WA state lottery, so I have seen it many times, and have mixed feelings about it. I don't think I'd go so far to say that I think the birds are enjoying it, but at least they don't look terrified -- not that I'd know a terrified penguin or emu if I saw one. Mostly, it just makes ME wanna go hang gliding.


It looks real. And I agree, the penguin clearly loved it. Now, the emu?

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