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August 03, 2008



I saw Aaron Eckhart & Maggie Gyllenhaal a couple of weeks ago--the one and only time I went and stood outside the Today show studio...just so I could say I had done it. He is "easy on the eyes".


When I saw you tweet that you were going to see it, I really debated recommending against it. If I'd remembered you didn't like "Batman Begins" I would definitely have warned you off.

But our tastes are sufficiently different that I wouldn't be able to suggest an alternative. Sorry you didn't have a better night! I know how tough it can be to orchestrate those movie nights and how annoyed Maggie and I feel when we hit a stinker!

I think my biggest enjoyment of this film was seeing Heath Ledger portray a Joker who makes a good point, forcing Batman to question his own motivations. However, the movie did get too long and confusing in parts, and part of what I liked in the film got lost.


As you know, I also went to see it last night.

1) Christian Bale is fine - it's the gravelly voice he uses when he's Batman that annoys me.

4) The whole section with the sonar in the building at the end moved too quickly for me to be able to properly follow, but the chase scenes were confusing.

7) Gadgets? What about the motorbike?! The best scene of the film was Batman's abrupt turn on that bike. But I suppose there was very little apart from that.


I hated the gravelly voice too. And yes, the bike was cool, but there wasn't enough other cool stuff. "Iron Man" had me saying WOW! every few minutes.


I third the notion that the gravelly voice was distracting, even a little ridiculous (I just saw the movie yesterday). He also sounded like his mask was too tight or he had some kind of implement in his mouth.

Hey, Batman? Can't you just talk like a normal person, please? Jeesh.

I also missed the gadgets. Apparently, the new suit was supposed to be a big deal but, quite frankly, I didn't really notice any difference.

But I loved the Joker.


I liked the Joker and the DA as well.


"Though "The Dark Knight" has been a bona fide cultural event, boasting rave reviews and boffo box office, it hasn't been immune to criticism. Some have quibbled with its political undercurrents, and others have criticized a muddled theme.

But here's the critique most widely held: Why does Batman talk like the offspring of Clint Eastwood and a grizzly bear?"


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