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October 30, 2008



Family dinners are something I feel very strongly about - but you are right - they aren't a daily reality. However, we do better than the average family. I know this because my kids' friends are amazed we all eat together, especially without the TV on. I tried to pop over to the other site to rad the full article but it said I wasn't allowed or some such drivel.
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I would love to read that article, but what is up with being required to log in to read the content? (Not your doing, I realize!) That really chaps my hide, as they say. I could easily register, but it's the principle!


It's a lot easier when your family only consists of mama and son. Our challenge is to not just sit together and read while we eat. Nice to see your work in other places!


We may not light candles, but we do cherish the family dinner...so much so that I have kind of given up on forcing everyone to eat the same thing. Rory doesn't like scallops? Great, more for me. He can make himself a quesadilla...one of his go-to recipes. Haley (the 15 YO teen) is often "too tired for dinner." This has NOTHING to do with the fact that she is physically programmed to stay up until 1 a.m. and be a grump-on-wheels in the morning. So, I let her sleep (hoping that upon waking she will be inspired to do her homework). 75% of a family dinner is better than nothing.

When the stars align and we are all there, it's fun. We laugh. We interrupt. We argue with good humor (as opposed to the vicious arguments that arise about NOTHING between two teens the rest of the day.)

I guess our challenge is not to have three laptops going while we eat!

Great post!!!

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