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October 25, 2008



There are keyboard shortcuts in Google reader:


i don;t love gmail either - and huzbeau works on it!


In Google Reader's favor: its name doesn't contain that ridiculous neologism "blog."

BTW, I just ordered the Rosetta Stone Iralian package; I'm already fluent in Spansih.


Hey, "blog" is no worse than other neologisms, like "op-ed" (Who says, "I think I'll check out the page opposite the editorials..."?). And, frankly, anything with "Google" in its name is already a wee bit suspect. ;-)

I can translate from Spansih into Iralian, but not back the other way.


Thank goodness Reader has the shortcuts (including an easy one to bring up the list of shortcuts). I'd go crazy in a world without them.

I used to hate the fact that Reader made you scroll through things one at a time, but now I like it. Some of my feeds can post A LOT while I'm at work, and if I only make it through a few before I have to cook or something, it's easier to come back and pick up where I left off.

I still miss Bloglines, though - I really liked the Beta version. It's blocked at work - anything with the word "blog" is blocked - so I just muddle through...

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