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October 10, 2008



How can he NOT feel guilty about all the lies his campaign is trying to sell? He looks stressed, ill and angry. I ALMOST feel sorry for him.


Maybe, as you suggest, McCain has made some kind of Faustian bargain with the GOP, so that in order to win he has to allow them to reconstruct his persona. Not quite as bad as selling his soul. One can almost feel sorry for him, but then one remembers that he has that bespectacled harpy as his running mate who knows little of politics but knows a great deal about preaching to the like minded crowd, and all one can do is shake one's head and mutter that he should have known better.


Too little, too late. He let a lot of those cries of "terrorist" and "Muslim" go unchallenged before he finally grew a pair. And Palin is still throwing red meat to the slavering winger crowds. Feh. Despicable.


McCain totally blew it when he picked Palin.

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