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October 07, 2008



I played clarinet all through school (in the early years it SQUEAKED something terrible), and then also played sax in high school, which I loved. My son played sax, too, and after some time (if they stick with it) it can be very pleasurable to listen to!


That video from Richard Trumka gave me chills also. I think our music programs are still "free." I hope so! Both my girls played the violin and did choir in elementary school. Music is very important and undervalued in our schools.


Loved the sarah palin video. She didn't wink or pose once!


Hijo kicks my butt in the eyeballing game on a regular basis. I am also terrible at the triangle center, but that is one of Hiijo's best. We have yet to break six, but we are working on it.


Oldest is playing trombone. School provides some, but we were the lucky family that got to buy our own. Thanks, Craigslist!

Eyeball game - there's going to be some wasted time today. Can't form a parallelogram but I can bisect an angle.


Woo-hoo, I'm a pretty good eyeballer. I got a 0 (!) on the middle of the line segment and 0.2 on bisecing the angle, and a 1.2 on the equidistant to the sides of the triangle, and a 1.3 on the center of the circle. I would never have guessed I could do that stuff. These things are fun.


Re: #9 ... You must be a an AWAD (A Word a Day) fan! I love the site and I love the daily e-mail (usually read once a week - arrrrgh). http://wordsmith.org/awad/


Re: #10 - I'm guessing you're a one sport girl as you didn't get wound up over the Celtics last year nor do you mention the Patriots.


Jeff, you're right. I don't mind basketball, but I actively dislike football. I can appreciate the excitement when my home-town teams win, and I'm happy for my friends and family members who are big fans, but that's about it.

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