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October 01, 2008



She has to be smarter than this shows, right? RIGHT? It's comical, but also terrifying.


I saw much of this on the Daily Show last night. And watching this, I realize that it's funny even without Jon Stewart's comments!


I'm with Margaret -- it's simply terrifying.

At this point I don't even hate her anymore, I'm just embarrassed for everyone involved.


I would feel sorry for her if she weren't also mean.


OH MY GOD! Painful beyond words. They will lose the election. I know it. Everyone knows it.


You're underestimating the power of racism in this country, Liz. People say one thing, and then they get behind that curtain and do another. Scares me to death.


I'm sticking to my months-old prediction: Obama wins and does so with at least a 5 point margin of the popular vote. (After this week, I'm tempted to say 10 point, but i'll let it ride as is.)

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