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November 03, 2008



I'm doing my part here in NC...actually already voted in the early voting program. So I can spend tomorrow glued to the TV instead of standing for hours at the elementary school.

And that Liddy Dole keeps CALLING, CALLING, CALLING me...doesn't she sense the vehemence with which I slam the phone down?


Funny -- I'm wondering if I'm going to sleep TOMORROW night, because I'm afraid they won't call it til 2 AM and I have an early plane to catch on Wednesday. Please, oh please, let this be a landslide!


I am so with you! I felt edgy all day today, and I can't imagine how I'm going to feel tomorrow. I voted last week in Colorado's early voting. We had/have a doozy of a ballot including an amendment to the state consitution to define human life as beginning at fertilization, or a sneaky effort to ban abortion, and probably many forms of birth control...
I'm a wreck.
Hang in there!!!


Have I mentioned that my husband and I are totally obsessed with the election EVEN THOUGH WE LIVE IN CANADA!?!? If I could vote, you'd better believe I'd be in there like a dirty shirt. Oh please, God, don't let Sarah Palin be president.

Speaking of which, have you seen this http://www.palinaspresident.us/ ? It might help you pass a few hilarious minutes. Joe Lightbulb indeed.


I can't vote but I do my bit with my Obama/Biden bumper sticker. My wife voted early last week and I was astonished at how long the line was. And glad. I'm saying please-oh-please-oh-please too!

Republicans love to cut taxes. But then how on earth do they expect to pay for the upkeep of the nation? More borrowing from China and Japan and Europe probably, until America's credit runs out.


I have to say living in a no state income tax like Nevada - it is pretty cool. Sales tax and property taxes are less likely to be cheated on because there is something real to tax so I feel like people really pay based on their wealth. But then again, we have gaming taxes to make up for income taxes so maybe other states have to have the extra one.


Well, there's the rub -- Mass. would have no other way to make up that $12 billion shortfall (40% of our state budget!). It would have been a disaster.

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