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November 14, 2008



Twix?? You can keep them. I'll have the Kit-Kats and the Almond Joys.


Salty snack food. Yes. Peanut-butter filled pretzels from Trader Joe's near the top of my list, along with Kettle Chips and Fritos. And tortilla chips and homemade (that detail is important) guacamole. Num.


My favorite thing to cook is anything involving pasta and garlic and any other ingredient.

I too am longing for a whole night's sleep (those wicking pjs that i got in some old person's catalog are starting to sound appealing), want to take all the leftover reeses cups and eat them slowly while i'm watching some awful show that i inexplicably DVRd (yes, that's now a verb), agree with you about the "what the heck" thing about the neighbors, and something i can't get enough of is fresh popped popcorn in oil and with tons of salt and REAL BUTTER! Oh, and did i mention sleep? Can't get me enough of that lately either!

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