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November 29, 2008



I LOVE that comment! If i could wear my bathrobe all day, i would.


Karen, I love your daughter's comment. I keep those things on my Blackberry. As for lipbalm (I noticed your query on Twitter), I have loved Neutrogena's chapstick for years. It comes two to a package, and sometimes I have to hunt around for it. Seems like it's sometimes with the chapsticks and sometimes with the Neutrogena stuff. Hope that helps.


Preach it, Julie. A robe is, similarly, like a full-body jacket you wear inside becase you're too cheap to turn on the heat. A robe is a Slanket, turned the right way around. A robe is a treasure.

Crystal Arcand

AWWW!! I know it's cliche', but that is what came out of my mouth when I read Julie's very insightful observation. That is one smart, smart cookie there! I had never thought of a robe that way, and I'm always cold. I think I'm going to get a robe as soon as possible!


Julie has such a way with words! I packed my soft, fluffy Kohl's robe for my trip to Vermont. It takes up half of my small suitcase, but it is worth it!


My 16 year old son does live in his bathrobe, except when he has to go out of the house. And we do make him put clothes on for meals. The new fleeces are so soft...

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