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November 13, 2008



Yes! Join facebook! Do it now! :)


Join. I'll friend you.


I just recently joined Facebook, too (and had been reluctant to do so, mostly because I REALLY don't want my coworkers to know about my blog, which means I don't mention/link to it nor Twitter). It's pretty cool, but I admit I don't give it the time or energy that I do my blog or Twitter. There's only so many "personal" hours to my day...


Yes, join and be my friend. Zoe Bakes is over there already.


That is so cool! That's kind of how I felt when the Triangle Mom2Mom bloggers got to tour the newsroom.

I was disappointed that there wasn't more activity, people pulling papers out of typewriters and handing them to copy boys. Guess I have to watch All the President's Men again!


You won't be the last person on Earth to join facebook....I WILL! And I won't twitter, either :P


do it, i just joined and we could be friends!


Why are you thinking of joining Facebook now? I have also been holding out, but thinking of giving in. Share your thought process with us: what's the advantage of it? If you're already well connected via your blog and twitter and flickr, then why do you need another social network to join? (That's what I've been asking myself.)


There have been at least a couple of instances where someone has sent me a link to their Facebook page, and I can't even get in to see it without joining. I'm looking ahead to my 25th college reunion this spring and just assuming that everyone will be on it -- it seems to be the most universal networking medium out there. I'm forever explaining Twitter to people -- even fairly web-savvy people -- and not everyone wants to read my blog (imagine that!). I guess it just seems as though not belonging to Facebook will soon be as unheard-of as not having email. I hope not, but it sure seems that way. That being said, I don't expect to "use" it much. I certainly don't need yet another time-sink! So, to sum up: Why join? Well, why not? There's no harm in joining, and I can just let my "membership" lie fallow if I don't want to do anything with it. I'll let you know when I take the plunge....

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