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November 17, 2008



"The kids are still a little weirded out about casserole-style food where everything's touching everything else..."

Hilarious. And universal, I think.


Is the cookbook all "comfort food" sort of recipes? This is, in fact, the sort of thing I ate a lot of growing up. Ground beef, cheddar, tomato sauce, pasta . . . oh, yeah. Makes me think I should make my mom's Sour Cream-Noodle Casserole.


That is not something my mother would have ever made, but I definitely ate it in my public elementary-school cafeteria!

I've just recently started making a VERY modified version with onions, garlic, chicken sausage (which I remove from the casing), cannellini beans, some tomato paste and finished with fresh spinach or arugula. A one-pot, stove-top meal!


I'd never heard of American Chop Suey growing up (in Orange County, CA) and Chili Mac was something we only got in the cafeteria. Well, and the Hamburger Helper version. I like it.

Ken George

You've gone and done it again. More delectable recipes. Trying to hold on, but I doubt I can manage until dinner. Might need to run and grab a snack.

This comment belongs in your fun post about your day here at the station, but alas you write too fast (or maybe I am too slow). Thought I'd slot it in here so it doesn't get lost.

Thanks again for making sure the "t's" get crossed and the "i's" get dotted. Without your due diligence The ConverStation would be one heck of a mess.

It was great fun to have you come by the building to get a first-hand look at how the sausages are made (sorry got food on the mind). And its reassuring to learn you still strongly identify with WBUR, despite the fact the signal is no longer your public radio entry.

Your suggestions about local are intriguing. I agree too an extent, though I think our saving grace will be more in community, not necessarily specific content.
Before I leave you I must thank you for this tremendous blog!

Keep writing…Please!


Oh no! Why am I only reading this now at 5pm, with no dinner plan and no energy left to run to the store? I will put it on the menu for tomorrow!


Thanks for posting this. I keep trying to make my mom's American Chop Suey (she just wings it, so no recipe to hand to me) and stink at it every time. I'll give this a whirl since your kids approved it.


Reading this recipe has made me terribly nostalgic; with the addition of chopped ripe olives, it could have been one of my childhood dinnertime staples. In my family, an aversion to casseroles would have led to quick death by starvation. My father strongly preferred them--he liked meat only when it was ground up and camouflaged, and I think he viewed casseroles as a more efficient, less time-wasting nutrient-delivery system than other meals--and consequently that's what my mother made. I grew up thinking it was sort of weird to see the food groups in lonely isolation.


I'm making it....but didn't waste time trying to use just one pot. It would have taken FOREVER. So, we'll see what my family says!


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