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November 25, 2008



I have the Myers-Brigg book (Please Understand Me, I think) in which I believe I tested out as an INTJ. (Certainly that prayer matches what I self-identify as, hehe.) Interestingly, my personal blog is ESTP, while snowclones dot org is INTP. My Twitter comes out as ISTP.


I am an iNtJ. (The capitals representing a high number in that direction, the lowercase ones indicating a more moderate score.) I blogged about the MBTI back in 2005, if you're curious:



I'm either an ISFJ or ISTJ, depending on the questions asked, I suppose. However, my blog is an ESFP, which may be the first time anything about me has ever been accused of being an extrovert.

I love those MBTI prayers!


I am an ENFP also! One of my very good friends is an ISTJ and we say together we are a whole person. I used to make everyone at work take that test. The prayer for me is absolutely spot on.

Nancy Friedman

I dunno about Typealyzer. According to Wishydig, it represents the Forer effect in action: "convincing you that it's accurate because it tells you so many things that you've thought about yourself." (And I'm not citing Wishydig only because he says nice things about me, although I certainly don't mind.) http://is.gd/92XR

As for Myers-Briggs, I've tried and tried but can never remember what the initials stand for, because as I recall they aren't necessarily the first letters of the words they represent. Bleah.

Love the prayers, though. They ALL apply to me.


My ex-colleague Sporty was huge on M-B types, and used to talk at GREAT length about her type and what it said about her and how everyone should do M-B testing and... blahblahblah. Eventually, we decided I was an ESPN and left it at that.


I am a total ENFJ. As a matter of fact, our psych consultant at the consulting firm I worked for said that he has never seen such a high "J" in his life. But I think I have natural "P" tendencies. Since we were this group of intellectuals working there, we often referred to each other's behaviors according to our MBTI profiles. It was really funny when we referred to Deb's "p"-ness!



You and I are the same! ENFP


I too did the test on a training course some years back. I came out as an INTJ, but seemingly I am now an INFJ. Only 1% of the population gets this score - it's good to be different!

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