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November 05, 2008



I have a feeling I know where she's going to end up: as the next Rush Limbaugh

She's not smart enough for radio. Winks and cute skirts don't work in that medium.

What astonishes me is that some of these Republicans who have just had their asses handed to them actually believe that she--Palin!--is the future of their party. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

I was just remarking to a friend that the GOP is going to have to do what Democrats did in the 90s: move to the center, adopt some of the more resonant ideas from the opposition (NAFTA, welfare reform, etc.) This will mean that they can no longer be head-in-the-sand about global warming, nor can they promise mere "market" reforms in place of a new health care system. Winning a few southern states full of rednecks and bible thumpers isn't a path to victory anymore.

Those who are seeing Palin as a future leader of the party are in effect saying that instead of doing something different they need to do what they used to do--only do it more vehemently. Idiots.


Better Palin should be a telegenic hate-spewer for Fox News than that she should be a candidate for dogcatcher.


So, yeah, California. What can I say? Unlike Alaska, we really ARE the U.S. in microcosm. We're Massachusetts in a couple of coastal enclaves; Idaho/Montana separatism up north; Oklahoma/Arkansas down the middle; generic center-right suburbia/exurbia everywhere else. Prop. 8 proponents mounted a massive, very well- funded campaign (LDS Church, among others), and unfortunately our side gave them plenty of ammunition (e.g., S.F. Mayor Gavin Newsom crowing about gay marriage, "Get used to it!"). Remember, too, that our state is very close to having a Hispanic majority, and the notion of gay civil rights has not had much success with the Latino communities. (Or the Vietnamese community. Or the Laotian. Or any of a dozen other sizable immigrant groups.)

Right here in Oakland, which probably went about 98% for Obama (and elected a lesbian to an at-large City Council seat), I went to a free concert last weekend at the stunning new cathedral down by the lake. When I picked up the church brochure, out fell a list of the diocese's ballot recommendations: yes on 8 and 4 (the dreadful parental-notification-for-teen abortion measure, which also passed). Churches of ALL denominations were relentless on 8. And the TV ads--gaaaah. There was even one in which two adorable Asian-American moppets sang a song about how terrible it would be to have two daddies or two mommies.

So the fight continues. But we freed the chickens! Poultry in motion!


And FINALLY Liddy will stop calling me every day!


It's three days later and I'm still euphoric. I had friends and family phoning me from home (UK) telling me how happy they were. I'm leaving my Obama/Biden bumper sticker on my car indefinitely!

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