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November 04, 2008



I'm awake - I must find out the numbers in CA. I'm also working on the auction catalog for Nina's pre-school - so it's convenient. Yeah Obama!


What an awesome and historic night. I really enjoyed sharing it with the Twitter-verse!


It was an incredible night!!!


Wow. Powerful image.


I gave up at midnight — just couldn't wait any longer for Obama to come out and give his speech. Besides which: I figure I've got 8 more years to hear him give speeches...


Thanks so much for connecting all of your readers to campaign news, clips, insights, and opinions throughout the last few weeks and months. You shared a lot of information that I never would have found elsewhere. We're all celebrating together today!


Yay! Now if only we can get people to give up on banning people from choosing the person they want to marry.


Hopefully we'll see a female face in that lineup someday, but I think that will be an even bigger mountain to climb.

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