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December 28, 2008



He is irresistible as Aragorn in Lord of the Rings, but has never done much for me in his other roles. Can't get used to him with short hair, but if you insist, I'm willing to give it the ol' college try!


I liked him in Hidalgo. The first movie I saw him in was A Perfect Murder. I'm not a LOTR fan so haven't seen him there. I think he's an underappreciated actor. And gorgeous. :-)


Have you seen A History of Violence?Another Mortensen/Cronenberg movie I liked a lot.


Apologies to Susan, but I think Viggo's an overappreciated actor. He was OK in A History of Violence, but only because Cronenberg was savvy enough to exploit his essential vapidity. I hated Eastern Promises, which combines Dickensian schmaltz with Grand Guignol violence. During the steambath scene, all I could think of was "nice choreography." And it really annoys me when we're supposed to accept Russian characters who speak to each other in Russian-accented English. For very different reasons, A Walk on the Moon left me unmoved (rolling my eyes, actually), although I liked Diane Lane's performance. Haven't seen LOTR, nor am I likely to.


I am likewise annoyed when foreign characters speak to each other in accented English (particularly when they use a generic accent), but you can't fault an actor for his director's decision. And, moreover, in this case I was impressed at how much real Russian was spoken, with subtitles provided for us.

I not only like Viggo's looks and acting chops, I also admire that he speaks a whole bunch of languages, owns a small publishing house that does only poetry books, and has good lefty politics.


I liked "Walk on the Moon" as well but more for Diane Lane though I do like Viggo. I like saying it as well!;) Anyway I opened the Dec. 29 Time magazine and there is Viggo answering 10 questions and it appears that there is a podcast on time.com/10questions or on iTunes. Got yer back.

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