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December 18, 2008



LOVE this (ah and miss good ole Harvey Leonard - is he still with channel 7?)
here is GA just the mere mention of the word SNOW throws people into a tizzy, at least in New England it has to be a prediciton of a few inches to get people into a panic. But then again, my sister was without power for days last week with the ice storm, but I don't think milk, eggs and bread would have helped her keep warm - LOL!


SEVERE in Atlanta is just about any precipitation with temperatures anywhere under 40F. It's a sad and pathetic sight watching folks rush out for bread, milk and eggs because they had to use their windshield wipers in the cold.

Love the 'plow' pun. I'm glad I'm not the only one who sometimes feels the need to explain their jokes..............;)


The "French Toast Alert System" cracks me up. We're supposed to go to Maine on Saturday morning and we'll probably get snowed in with my family on Sunday - the horror! Will definitely have to stop at the NH liquor store on the way. Snowed in = copious amounts of vodka.


Twelve days out for Christmas vacation? My kids are out 10 actual school days, 16 including weekends. Oh, and they have not been in school the last three days for ice. Chances are they will return to school tomorrow, the last day before the beginning of their Christmas vacation. I dread the run to the store I've got to make shortly with three, cooped up children. Someone should send out a search party if I haven't blogged in a couple of days!


How funny, we just had French toast this morning on our second snow day of the week. The Pacific Northwest weather forecasters are equally gleeful at the thought of any snow. This country is so hilly and we have so few snowplows around that even as little as an inch can stop everything. Snow days are great, but there's only so much work I can miss. I envy your ability to work at home.


We're having a doozy of a snowstorm right now. It's at elevated or high. My older daughter had to walk from downtown Seattle to her apartment on Capitol Hill since the busses weren't running! Sorry you missed out on the trip. I think I'll just stay around my house until it melts. (got milk, coffee, beer, cookies--all the necessities)

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