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December 09, 2008



I just cashed in my CoinStar/Amazon bonanza... got about $190 worth of stuff and it only cost me $1.70 out-of-pocket. Boo-ya!


Don't forget to get some memory for the camera. It's not unusual for camera makers to include a very small amount suitable for a few photos only, but then to say the memory can hold more than that because they're reporting as if you're using the lowest quality settings available in the camera--something you'd normally never do.


Good for you! I wish I had accomplished that much.


Thank you for supporting my local company! I love them do and did a ton of my holiday shopping there. I also use them for Book Club. I got 3 books, two of them hardback(FREE SHIPPING TOO) for about $35. Amazing.


Would love to hear what you think about the flip. I ordered one for Jon for Christmas. Looks fun.


The Flip is awesome! Such a great product. The zoom isn't as clear as one might like, so if you can it's easier just to move closer. But it is great for my purposes of creating short videos of my son. (Who really wants to go back and watch a really long video anyway? The software allows you to do some limited editing and then will compress it to upload to a blog or e-mail out. The neat part is that the software will load on any computer you plug the Flip into, so you could download videos to someone else's computer easily if the need arose.

I would recommend picking up a USB extension cable. Plugging the Flip right into a laptop or PC is a little scary, as one wrong bump by the kiddos and the USB arm could snap right off. This has not happened to me, but I read it in the Amazon reviews and after using it, I can see how it could easily happen. Overall a wonderful product. Have fun with it!


I love Amazon, too. (And they've loved me for over 10 years! I'm probably one of their most loyal customers). The only issue I've ever had with them was through one of their third-party companies when I bought my son a laptop. That experience has made me gun-shy about purchasing much through third-parties, unless it's minor.

I'm intrigued with the Flip — first I'd heard of it. Seems like a great deal! Maybe I'll stick it in my Amazon Wish List!

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