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December 15, 2008


Nancy Friedman

As my brother would say, "You know what would make this REALLY good? Chocolate chips!"


Pumpkin, orange juice and all those spices. It's gotta be good!


Once again, a recipe of yours has turned out mahvelous. We love pumpkin bread around here and usually take the easy route of the Trader Joe's mix, made into muffins and packed into lunchboxes for morning snack. Having blown through our stash (TJs only stocks it seasonally in late autumn, it seems), it was necessary to turn to scratch. OMG. I've tried other recipes,and this is by far the best. (It also has more sugar and oil than the others, natch!) We left out the walnuts cuz kids don't like them. I think my family of 4 will polish off this loaf within 24 hours. Thank goodness there's a second loaf for the freezer!

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