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December 16, 2008



It looks like a great source of inspiration. Thank you! I bookmarked it for future reference -- no pun intended!


My younger son (he's almost 10) enjoys reading, but only when a book really grabs him right away. I know everyone's probably read these, but has Pete read the Stink books? Easy, but fun and cute. And Diary of A Wimpy Kid? Those are fun, and I think a new one is coming out. Right now my son is reading of the Humphrey series - the hamster - and he is engrossed. I could read all day, so I was shocked when my little one wasn't a read-a-holic.


Thanks for a fabulous resource. My oldest (12) has devoured all of Patterson's books already. He's at a terrible stage - he's a strong reader with an advanced reading level, but isn't ready maturity-wise for more adult books. Luckily, he will read anything, even the cereal box. Maybe I can discover some new books for him.

My little one sounds like Pete. He has started many books yet finished so few.


That's a great site. My younger daughter never enjoyed reading until the Twilight series. (gag) Still, it was wonderful to see her obsessed about reading huge books. I loved the City of Ember too!


I've had trouble finding new books for my daughter (8) - how many times can we re-read "Matilda," for God's sake?!? She recently started "The Mysterious Benedict Society" and LOOVVVES it, more so than anything recently.

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