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December 17, 2008



We have made fun of my dad and his Keen sandals. They are the only things he wears in warm weather if he is not wearing his golf shoes.

Yet, guess what my husband requested from my parents for Christmas?

A pair of Keens.


Technically, I think the original winner of the contest who then fell off the face of the planet is the KEENest. And also the nice folks at KEEN. But I'll take it, anyway. :) Enjoy your boots!!


CONGRATS!! and how did I not know about Mir's site?? I read her other blog daily, but never knew about this! I promptly got on and ended up buying something that she had on their today (iTouch skin, on sale for 50% off!) then again, this site could be VERY dangerous!!

Zoë François

Good choice on the boot! You are so lucky, I love them!


Me and my Karen love our Keens!


I love it when nice people win things! Congrats and they are too cute.

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