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December 21, 2008



Happy 12th, Steph! Hope you and your mom enjoy that one last "tween" year, and have fun unwrapping gifts for eight straight nights.


She looks like a very happy girl!


Happy Birthday Steph!

Did Steph give you permission to write about her on your blog? :-)

Joel Altre-Kerber

Yup - Alison and I can vouch for the USB Rechargeables! We've been using ours for two years or so now. They're quite clever.

And belated Happy Birthday to Steph!


Happy belated birthday. I am always late for a party. And don't worry, the teens aren't bad at all.


I'm so behind in reading. On Tuesday my son turned that age that ends in "teen." His Boca friends are all officially becoming men which seems to include wildly over-the-top theme parties. Oh, and something about the Torah. No Bar Mitzvah for my son...but he has requested adding a curse word or two to his vocabulary! And got an iPod.

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