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January 25, 2009



I think we can all breathe a huge collective sigh of relief now!


You are so brave. Obama would be proud.


I do this with New York Times magazines. Sometimes I'm 2 years late, but the only ones that really get stale are the political issues, which I might read at the time if they seem really compelling--like last weekend with "Obama's People." We take the magazines to our cabin and everyone reads them there (no screens, you see) something that wouldn't happen at home!


This figures ... I adapted the "Karen Approach" and consequently have a knee-high pile of 'em next to my bed, so now you change course! I will have to revisit this myself now.


Your decision shows growth. I am proud of you.


Omigod. Definitely a good move. I can't subscribe, myself, because I can't get rid of them until I've read every word, or at least every word I want to read, but I see no reason to have only stale political news. Read 'em out of order, and enjoy!


Yeah! Karen! Great job surpassing this obstacle. I hate old news. If I am bored at the gym I CANNOT read a December Good Housekeeping magazine filled with holiday-related stories. So depressing when it's January or February (or any month really except Nov. & Dec.)


Change gonna come!

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