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January 08, 2009



Hands down Viggo...no question! I've been watching Alias on DVD during my elliptical workouts and there's a preview for Hidalgo that comes on before the menu pops up. I like to watch the preview (i.e. Viggo) while I put on my sneakers. Why skip over a good time?!

Anyway, I'm so over bacon and the ridiculous things people have done with it over the last few years. Enough with the bacon :(


That movie wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

I don't do anything ridiculous with bacon, just eat it. NomNomNom


When faced with these this-or-that questions, I inevitably spring to my feet and shout "wait, that's it! JELLY BEAN PIZZA!" For you see, the real answer is always to think outside the box and combine the two.

So. How would you best combine bacon and Viggo Mortensen. Feel free to share (insofar as you can, given the PG rating of this blog).


I know -- I'll invite him over for brunch!


Bacon...mmmm...wins hands down.


It depends for me. I know he speaks many languages, but what type of accent does he have when he speaks English?


A tie is fair enough.
But I agree that Viggo may just be one of the ages-well types.


Bacon, no contest. Viggo looks better in some movies than others. Bacon is always excellent.


Gail: Whatever accent you want. {swoon}


You poor deluded souls. You've become pawns to the viral bacon-related internet meme cynically perpetuated by the National Bacon Council. It's a conspiracy! Turn away from the bacon! Embrace the Viggo! (mmm viggo)


Pthhh. Bacon.

Simple proof:

Bacon vs. Viggo

Apply a pound of bacon to Viggo every day for a year. Bacon would still have the same appeal. Viggo... not so much.

Bacon wins.


Of course! The old Rocks-Paper-Scissors test. You scientists, always thinking.

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