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January 14, 2009



Wow, sign me up! I read on their site that household cleaning products are more likely than outdoor pollutants to cause cancer. I did not know that! I knew I shouldn't be cleaning my house.


BTW, does midnight, Jan. 18 mean midnight at the beginning of Jan. 18 or at the end?


Ok, I'm sure Richard would love to try the soap, so here's what I learned from the website: a woman who works from home (and presumably any stay at home person) has an increased chance of getting cancer from his or her prolonged exposure to the toxins in household cleaning products. I find this surprising because I imagine the chemicals used in commercial cleaning products are worse. Anyway, I'd love to know if the eco products (or the ingredients they use) have been tested by an independent lab. Do you happen to know? Maybe I could send them an e-mail.


Um, I think I mean 11:59:59pm on January 18. Late Sunday night.


I learned that in addition to the products you mentioned they also carry dishwasher and laundry detergent and a full line of baby care products. Nice.


I learned they also have green pet products. Not products for green pets but green products for pets. :-)


They now sell pet items. Great!


And the winner is ... Gail! Congrats!


It's not easy to find good eco-friendly products. Ecostore definitely has an impressive array!

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