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January 26, 2009



Ok. Here's the thing. Stop & Shop just drains all the joy from my day. The one in Arlington is a swirling vortex of misery. The employees make me want to kill myself. You know how happy and perky Whole Foods and Trader Joes employees are? Well Stop & Shop employees are all depressed. It's like having Eeyore for a cashier. I even prefer Market Basket.


I think it depends on the location. I like the big one on Watertown Street in Newton, right on the Watertown line.


Hey! I like fat and sodium!

Re: Stop & Shop vs. Trader Joes, I think location is a big part of what your local market is like.

I had my first visit to Trader Joe's the other day. My wife dragged me out because she couldn't stand the throng of people. I don't know if the folks working there were nice, but the crowd in there were a bunch of seemingly aimless wandering people with wide-eyed looks of wonder on their faces. It was like the Stepford & Shop.

Maybe it was just a bad day.

Stop & Shop has its own problems, but the Trader Joe's folks in Warwick, RI freaked us out. That was also where the woman driving the car in front of us stopped halfway through an intersection. We were baffled until we realized that she was having a phone conversation.

In any case, they've always been good to us at Stop & Shop. I don't interact with a cashier because I use the self-checkout. I prefer the small, independent market closer to us, but the selection at our S&S sends us back there at least once a week.


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