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January 06, 2009



I dragged Oliver to a year of speech therapy in 4th/5th grade for sloppy diction, brain working faster than mouth, but especially trouble with Rs and Ws. The therapist finally threw up her hands and said that until he cared about it we were wasting our time. She thought he would start to care in middle school when the social scene ramps up. Nope. He's in 10th grade, speaks pretty clearly, sometimes blurts out a whole sentence we can't understand, but has no ill affects (effects? i always have trouble with that one) of a slight speech issue (albeit different from stuttering). She said if Tom Brokaw is any example, this won't ruin Oliver's life!


Karen, did I know you play the piano? How wonderful to get to play music with your daughter!! When you guys get a little more advanced, I'd love to share some 4 hands stuff my dad wrote for me & Bill to play -- a couple of Chanuka songs and lullabies for each of my two boys. Sweet stuff.


I want to be your kid.

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