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January 12, 2009




do you have the 3G or the other one (which is the one i have)?

speaking of iphones, i just got my dots gloves in the mail today--can't wait for the frigid weather to arrive thursday so i can use them!

oh wait, yes i can...of course we are going up skiing where it will be even colder.

contrary to all this whining, i really do love living in new england.


I have the original iPhone (not 3G). I used my DOTS today, waiting for the kids outside of school!


I have a Blackberry that is permanently affixed to my thumbs and I swore I'd never cheat, but you make me want an iPhone.

I noticed Mullets Galore on your iPhone search page and I had to visit it. I saw it a few years ago, and let me tell you, it was superb. I was so excited to see it again and...it's gone! No longer in business. Did you ever see it? They had all of these cruel and hilarious categories of mullets, including the Kiddy Mullet, the Midget Mullet, and (my favorite) The Skullet (bald in front, party in the back). Each category was accompanied by several photographs. Truly lovely.

Paul Merrill

I just tweeted your post.

Good blog!!

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