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January 28, 2009


Robin Reagler

That sounds like the kugel my grandmother used to make. I'm going to give it whirl. Thanks for sharing the recipe.


I am making it! How naughty would I be if I served it with pork chops?


Ha! I'll never tell.


As one who was raised in a non-Jewish, eastern European household, this brings back memories for me too. I will definitely try it. Thanks for the recipe!


This sounds delicious! I've saved this recipe to my OneNote, as I have many of your recipes. I've always heard that having a Jewish grandmother is a wonderful experience.


I'm not Jewish, but my husband is. Unfortunately I've not really had too many Jewish grandma delights like this. One of his grandmas doesn't cook and the other lives far away. His mom doesn't really make too many Jewish dishes for whatever reason. Bummer! I need to fatten up my son as well...maybe I will give this a try!


The one I make, from my good friend Sharon, is very similar, but lacks the cinnamon sugar on top. And Sharon's has raisins. The CS looks like a winning addition, and I'll try it. I love your dismissive waving away of all the calories . . . sour cream AND butter AND cottage cheese AND eggs AND milk. AND noodles, too. Slimming, it ain't. And that's okay.


Your son, Pete, looks strikingly like my nephew Jeffrey. I have a nephew named Pete, too, but he is my other brother's son (not brothers with Jeff). I have never heard of this kugel stuff before. I am mostly Irish and some Lithuanian and we had something called Kugela (not sure of the spelling) which was made with potatoes and bacon grease and bits of bacon and served baked into some type of custardy squares served with sour cream. Yum. But after reading your blog and recipe, I want to try this. I now also have a craving for a huge piece of custard pie which I have not had in literally years!

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